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Tired of The Sippy Cup Game? How I Found the Perfect Cup!

Are you as sick of searching for pieces and assembling your toddler’s sippy cups?!

I, like many other moms, was drained by the sippy game. I when my first little was ready for the sippy cup, I thought it would be a matter of just choosing a cup. I bought sippy cup after sippy cup. The ones that claimed it was leak proof, leaked after a couple washes. The cups that really didn’t leak had several parts which made it complicated to assemble. Many cups didn’t clean well and molded quickly. I spent a small fortune on all the different brands and types of cups.

When my mom and mother-in-law came to town to watch the kiddos, I would have to give a mini lesson on how to assemble all the cups and what parts go where. It sounds ridiculous, but it was stressful for them and me.

I was tired of milk spilling in the car, on the carpet, and all over the kid’s clothes.

This is what I wanted in a sippy cup:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Truly leak proof and continued to be leak free after long-term use
  • Easy to assemble (1-2 pieces)
  • Durable
  • Cartoon character free

One day, I had enough. I spoke to a friend about my frustration. She has three older kids and said she had the same experience but one day she discovered, THE ONE. Could it be there was a cup I haven’t tried?! I immediately went to amazon, ordered these amazing sippy cups and promptly went home to trash all other cups.

The cups I ordered were the Gerber Graduates Hard Spout Cups. I L-O-V-E these cups. They have everything on my check list and more. I learned the white valve in the cup can be replaced so there is no need to go buy a whole new cup if it gets lost. I have NEVER experienced any kind of leak or spill with these cups. My parents and in-laws can easily put them together. I also love that the cups last FOREVER and they are inexpensive. I have never had any reason to replace the cups except I get tired of looking at the same ones for over a year and buy new ones.

Give them a try and end the frustrating and expensive search for the perfect sippy cup. If you are worried about your child going from a silicone spout to a hard spout…don’t. My infant never took a bottle and accepted these cups easily.

My son is older now (4 1/2 years old), and when he decided he was too big for a “baby sippy cup”, I had to find something new because this mama still does not like spills. I discovered the Munchkin Miracle 360. This cup also checks all the boxes on my list. He thinks he’s getting a big boy cup and I don’t have to worry about him spilling juice or milk in the car. It is simple to assemble, dishwasher safe, and very durable. I also love the gender neutral and modern design. There are no characters or designs our toddlers will age out of. I just love these cups! Now, we have just two types of cups. If you have kiddos who are too big for sippy cups but you still want the spill protection, give them a try!


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