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A Simple Teacher Gift

Summer is approaching, the littles are excited and ready for summer, but you recognize they will seriously miss their wonderfully dedicated teachers. I think we can all agree that expressing gratitude is important to teach our children. As a former teacher myself, I always loved receiving little notes and pictures from my students much more than gift cards, candles or coffee mugs. If your child isn’t into writing letters or coloring pictures, here is little gift idea that says it all (and doesn’t break the bank).

I will admit this was not my original idea. I friend shared her idea and I executed it for about 100 teachers for teacher appreciation week. It was very well received and the teachers exclaimed it was clever and thoughtful. My kids helping put these together was the best part! These simple gifts are a perfect way to express all you want to say to your child’s teacher(s). You can create on a large scale or just make a few.

 You Will Need:

  • A variety of mints
  • Mint Bag Tags
  • A piece of string, ribbon, or yarn
  • A small clear bag
  • A hole punch


  1. Print and cut out as many tags as you will need
  2. Use hole punch to punch on hole on the side of each tag
  3. Place mints in each bag
  4. Tie bag with ribbon, then string tag on and tie in bow or knot
  5. (optional) Ask your child to write a note, draw a picture, or simply put “your best student, Jon” or “love, Jon” on the back of tag


Let me know what you think!

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